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CCleaner is a free anti malware tool. The same was developed by a Company which is based in London, known as Piriform. The anti malware tool was recently damaged which affected over 2 million users worldwide. The developer company is presently owned by renowned software security firm Avast.Read More

What To Do If Your Hard Drive Fails?

Your computer is indeed valuable to you. You use it for your work . It stores all your important information. The majority of such vital information is stored in the computer’s hard drive. Thus any hard drive crash or failure is indeed a serious problem. Being in the field of Computer Repairing since long we at Matrix Service thought it would a good idea to share with you some information in regard to what you should do if your computer hard drive fails.Read More

What are the safety tips for any Laptop?

If you are regularly working on your Laptop computer then you would know its importance. A sudden breakdown in this all important device may mean disruption of all your work. Thus be it work, socializing or entertainment this all in one device requires utmost care. For us at Matrix Service , is a leading Laptop repairing service provider in Kolkata.Read More

How Many Types of Malware?

Are you aware of Malware? Malware is the short form for malicious Software. It is created to purposefully computer or mobile operations. It also gathers information in regard to sensitive only with and an intention to be misused later. There are various types of malwares.Read More

What is the indication of computer Malware?

It is indeed the age of the internet. The last few years has brought out dramatic changes in the information technology sector. This has meant that we today can communicate much faster and be it work, socializing or entertainment our life has undergone a sea change. But amidst these huge changes…Read More

How difficult is it to build a PC?

Have you ever considered building a Personal Computer yourself? It might seem to be a crazy idea. However in case you have a bit technical knowhow it might indeed be possible to do so. We at Matrix Infosys being one of the leaders in computer repair in Kolkata deal very closely with computers. Read More

Where are viruses stored in computers?

You must be aware of how dangerous computer viruses can be in the current web scenario. We live in the age of the internet. More and more people are getting hooked on the World Wide Web. With the increase of the internet the risks of computer viruses are much greater now than they were in the past. In case you are to make your computer virus free you must know where they are stored. Read More