Wi-Fi KRACK problem?

In India most of people use Wi-Fi networking for daily online activities at office or at home. Today wired networking technology become older due to high development in electronics media. Today is the day of smart phone, android phone and Laptop. So it is quite difficult to access this device through wired networking and due to that it is convenient to go fully wireless.

We all know wireless is cost effective and convenient, but it is not 100% secure like physical cabled connection because it’s a radio signal at its heart. So it is the best way to enable wireless security on regular basis. For it you can contact your local Internet provider and discuss on security access.

In current analysis the bad news here is that networking researchers uncovered a very critical flaw in the WPA2 standard that could compromise just about other locked network which is known as Key Re installation attack (KRACK). But good news is that it network security researcher conformed it is not a mall ware author.

So a system that uses Wi-Fi network to connect the Internet might be susceptible to KRACK, it’s only susceptible within range of the actual Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi at some places like bank would be high value targets so miscreant is also standing in network range.

Totally a little evidence have found attacked of actual KRACK on systems. So chance in future it will minimize and also we are looking for better solution but till date it’s not a widely exploited.

So if your Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly that mean a security issue is still knocked at your door. So question is that what to do to stay secure on-line in the shadow of KRACK?

What You Can Do To Protect It

When attackers land to at your network they track your encrypted traffic your, inject ransom ware code, hijack your credentials, and steal sensitive information which flow in your network like credit card numbers, passwords, emails, photos, and more. So safety of this issue is that you may run encryption with different sheet of layer. If you are in change of website this is just one more in a vast list of reassign.



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