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Founder of Matrix Infosys having 15 years industrial experience in Hardware Repairing Platform.
Don’t Ignore These 4 Laptop Signs

WARNING! Don’t Ignore These 4 Laptop Signs

March 15, 2019

Over the course of time; your laptop or computer will get sluggish in its performance. It is a hard-core fact which you have to accept- regardless of whether you like it or loathe it! However, you being its owner need to act smart and distinguish which issues are normal and which ones require professional repair […]

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cost for motherboard repair

Cost for replacing a laptop motherboard in Kolkata

March 4, 2019

The motherboard is one of the most crucial parts of a laptop. It controls all the functioning of any laptop device like a brain in human being. So if by any chance the motherboard gets damaged then it can be a real issue to solve it as soon as possible. But before going to take an […]

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Speed Up Your Computer Speed By Following Tips

February 7, 2019

As we know computer is the part of our life if you are in Business, study or working as a employer for an organization and due to any hardware or software issue if your part life going down than your personal life will be effected. So you need a special care to your computer. Today […]

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October 13, 2018

Rapid technological advancements have made computers a necessity rather than a luxury. Gone are the days when buying a computer was seen as a sign of luxury. In today’s tech savvy world, computers are omnipresent. The use of computers these days is not only limited to maintaining accounts or writing reports. It has a wide […]

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Common problems faced with Windows 10 update and their remedy

September 6, 2018

Even after almost three years of launch, Windows 10 users have been facing many an issue.Every time a new update comes in, it mostly pops up a new problem for its users. Although the updates are been made keeping in mind user acceptability and ease of use, it often turned out to be completely different. […]

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Top 5 laptop problems and easily to solve them

August 21, 2018

Knowing the basic fixes of laptops and computers is extremely important for any laptop or desktop user.It is not always possible to fetch help from service providers, especially while travelling or in between important meetings or outstation work. Thus knowing the knick-knacks will not only help to fix temporary glitches but also can save a […]

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Free computer technical support services Kolkata

Matrix Infosys offers Free computer technical support services Kolkata

August 16, 2018

Be it your personal computer or your office machines, computers can break down any time. It can be due to certain technical issues or sometimes it can be due to mishandling. Whatever may be the reason, we at Matrix Infosys, understand that computer break down can be a major problem. Almost data of every work […]

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data recovery center

List of top data recovery center in Kolkata

July 28, 2018

Data loss is an extremely important yet common issue for every company and other institutions. Even personal also. Most of the time it is cause of virus attack to your systems like computer, Laptop, Tab or Mobile. Be the any reason may be by virus attack, sudden shutdown your system or due to high power […]

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Care about the FAKE reviews of Matrix Infosys

July 23, 2018

In today’s world of competition, only upgrading oneself is not sufficient. Just to lessen competition an emerging trend is a malpractice of writing fake reviews. Nowadays be it a small thing or a big buy, customers always check it online before availing any service. Customers always check what other fellow customers have to say regarding […]

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data recovery center

Top 10 Computer repairing center in Kolkata

July 5, 2018

After working for about a decade in the sector of hardware and software I have seen a sharp growth of the computer and its accessories sector business. Even 10 years ago the need for desktops and mainly laptops were limited to most industries and companies. But now computers are no more an added digital advantage, […]

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