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Top 10 Computer repairing center in Kolkata

After working for about a decade in the sector of hardware and software I have seen a sharp growth of the computer and its accessories sector business. Even 10 years ago the need for desktops and mainly laptops were limited to most industries and companies. But now computers are no more an added digital advantage, it has secured its place as a necessity in today’s world. Corporates to students all use computer day in day out for their work.

Not only mere desktops and laptops, more and more people are now using other computer accessories like hard disks, pen drives, and printers. With increasing usage, there is a growth in need of computer repair. With the periodic advent of latest technologies, software, and virus these devices face a lot of issues both in terms of software and hardware. So efficient and latest repairing and up-gradation centers have spread their wings all over the city and suburban.

Another, important aspect for this centers to keep a check on is the speedy repairing facilities. Customers nowadays are much busier and do not like to keep their devices un-used for a long span of time. Therefore on-time services with guarantee have become important. Keeping mind the all these, here is a list of Top 10 Computer repairing center in Kolkata-


Located at the prime location of 21, Chandni Chowk, Bowbazar, Kolkata- 700072, matrix Infosys is one of the leading computer repairing center in Kolkata. Their skilled technicians have years of experience to help you with any problem faced regarding monitor, keyboard, motherboard, CPU, printer, software, office installation or any anti-virus.

They are equipped with technologies to repair the latest devices of almost all brands starting from Hp, Lenovo, LG, Acer, Asus, Dell, Sony etc. Not only this, their technicians are trained to repair MAC notebooks too. Other than these, they have data recovery and back up services, They experts help the customer upload and recover all data from the cloud with no hassle. Network support is the latest on their service list.

They can help you put up a wireless network in your home and office for seamless online facilities. Desktop assimilation is also done here according to the customer’s choices and preferences. Also, they provide AMC for labs, school, college and corporate offices. Even for personal computers, they have home service options. Their on-time delivery and guaranteed spare parts and low cost have made them favorites of many. The location is a major factor in its popularity. It is located at Chandni Chowk. Thus is easier to locate and reach. It has good connectivity with the whole city via bus and metro railways.

However, if the location is still a problem for you, here is a list of other good computer repairing centers in Kolkata

T M technology

Computer Repair, CCTV, Biometric & Networking Services in Kolkata by T.M. technologies is situated at AG- 112, AMP Mall 3rd Floor, Baishakhi, Bidhannagar, AG Block, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091. This is another good computer repairing center with all basic services and on time delivery facilities.

Mega Infosys

Mega Infosys, situated at 1/4 Poddar Nagar, Near Poddar Nagar Boys High School, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068 in Jadavpur area, is a well known Acer Repair center in Kolkata. Their technicians specialize in all Acer devices.


Zorils located at Daga Building, 89, Netaji Subhas Rd, Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001 is a known name in this locality. They mainly serve the corporate houses.

Computer Repairing Services in Kolkata

It is located at Ashabai, 9/25Bijoygarh, 2nd Floor, Flat G, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032 offer a trustworthy service to its client. It is a notable center for data recovery related issues.


it is a popular name for Dell and iPhone related services at kestopore, Chinar Park locality.

Technofinesse Laptop Service Center

It is located at Block BA, 52, Salt Lake, 1st Ave, Sector 1, this a popular laptop repairing joint in salt lake.


This computer repairing center is located at Tangra and has earned a reputation it good computer repairing services over the years.


It is is a well-known computer repairing center near college street, specifically located at 169B, Bepin Behari Ganguly Street, BowBazar.

Accel Frontline

It is a well-known data recovery center located opposite Hotel Embassy, at 14, Princep St. Other than this they have a wide range of AMCs to suit the need of all.

Here are thus top 10 Computer repairing center in Kolkata. You may choose any of them in accordance to your convenience and need.

Matrix Infosys – Rating 3.5
out of 5      based on 33 Professionals.

All Brand Television Repairing Services Kolkata

We at Matrix Infosys understand that nothing is more disturbing than sitting down to watch a TV after a hard day’s work and finding out that your television is out of service.


We, Matrix Infosys is there to help you with this. You no longer need to go out to search for repairing service. Give us a call and we will be at your door step.

We follow a transparent method of dealing. For your ease your customer service executive inspects the damage and gives you a quotation. Upon agreement the repairing services is provided in the least needed time.

Expert Team

Our team of experts know how to repair every model of television that you can possess.  We strive to satisfy each and every customer, as a professional repair service provider. Be it an old model or a recent one, our technicians are experienced and well informed in working with latest and older technology and have the equipment to get the job done.

We have years of experience in this business and have always delivered timely service of best quality at optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings.

All Brand TV Repair

We generally complete all sorts of repairs within 2-3business days, if not mentioned otherwise . We repair all types of televisions including  LED, LCD TV, HD TV, Smart TV, 3D TV, 4UK TV, Plasma TV of  all major TV brands like:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Philips
  • Toshiba
  • Onida
  • Sharp
  • Videocon
  • Sansui
  • Bosch,
  • Sanyo
  • TCL, Godrej
  • Akai
 Our services include
  • LED Display repair
  • LCD Display repair
  • TV Mother board repair
  • Video board Repair and Replacement
  • Power board Repair & Replacement
  • Cables Repair and Replacement

We are proficient in repair of transistors, capacitors, transformers and cathode ray tubes which need the most repair or replacement in TV sets

Common problems of all brands like LED TV screen going blank,TV having Horizontal lines on start-up,TV with no sound output and TV not connecting to WiFi are also solved by us.

We are listed among the top service provider in the community and also have accomplished great standing with our valued customers.

So look no further. You are at the right page for the best television repairing servicesin Kolkata .


All brand Computer repairing services handle by Matrix Infosys

computer repair service

With the booming digitization, computers have become a part and parcel of our daily lives, be it at the office, at home or working from home. We at Matrix Infosys understand that if there is a problem with our computers our entire life could come to a stop.

Let what be your problem, we at matrix Infosys have a solution for it.

Leveraging on the expertise of our experienced team and skilled technicians, we have been engrossed in presenting a wide variety of Computer Repair Services. To attain a high level of customer credibility, some of the most experienced mechanics are delivering these services.

We deal with all kinds of computers and brands like:

  • Dell,
  • Lenovo,
  • HP,
  • Acer
  • Sony
  • LG etc
  • Asus repair and services


Particular problems of all the above brands are solved and reasonable price. You no longer need to run to the respective service center.

We deliver computer repair services to your doorstep and all you have to do is call our team. We have experts who specialize in the areas of troubleshooting of computer related problems. Even if your computer is working fine it should be looked at by an expert after a period of time. The computer maintenance services provided by us ensure that there are a timely detection and prevention of possible problems that can and do occur.

The computer repair services also include the

  • backing up of data,
  • disk formatting,
  • Networking Solutions,
  • data recovery
  • Malware Related Issues
  • Software Related Issues
  • Windows Errors
  • Browser related issues
  • LCD/LED Display damages
  • Quick Virus Removal
  • Computer Start up problems
  • Computer boot problems
  • Computer crash problems
  • Blank and blue screen problems
  • Lines across the screen
  • Password recovery
  • Liquid Spills
  • Internet Connection Issue
  • Keyboard damages and other specialized computer support services.


Not only this, computer assembling and any spare part damage service is also provided by us.

Our transparent method of dealing ensures customer satisfaction and prompt services.For your ease, your customer service executive inspects the damage and gives you a quotation. Upon agreement, the repairing services are provided in the least needed time.

We are sure that we would be able to satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients for requirements ranging from Servers to Desktop Computers, Nodes, Work Stations, and Peripherals namely Printers, Scanners, Plotters, Storage Devices, Backup Devices, Modems, LAN cards, Video Conferencing Kits and UPS.






5 Essential way to enhance internet speed


tips to boost up internet speed

The present era is all about speed, be it personal life, professional life or any device. If a person cannot get the required pace, they are bound to lag behind. This blog will discuss on how to improve the internet speed and relevant tips to make your internet speed as fast as possible.

A normal person does not know the technical ways thus they need a professional who can actually improve the speed. There are lots of works over the internet that requires good pace then only one can get the desired results, therefore, one must work enough to get the required speed. On this platform since long time Matrix Infosys sharing few tips which will help you boost your internet speed quickly.

Enjoy High Speed Internet with the Following Tips

  • Practical test – the initial step is to examine the actual speed of the internet practically. This is a very interesting task and we can assure that you will love to perform this test and determine the outcome. Play a video on the youtube is an exceptional way of checking. As soon as it begins to play, start noting the points such as how many times did it stop, buffering frequency, loading time etc?


  • Unknown sharing of internet connectiononly an expert can understand the reason behind the low speed, therefore, you must check if someone is stealing their connection or not. There are lots of ways to steal the wifi or broadband connection and at times it is really very difficult to prove that they have been stealing. The best remedy to these issues to secure the net connection that one has at home.

Log into the modem and follow the instructions for changing the settings. Change the password quite often so that no one can trace it or set a password in case they do not have one. People have options to change the network name and lots more, therefore, be alert about your internet connection and enjoy high speed.

  • Wifi connection – The speed is limited by the wireless connection that you have at home. When you look at the device, you will be able to see the connection bars which indicate its speed along with the connectivity. The best solution in such situation is to call our technician and speak to them about the connectivity issues but before doing that try resetting the system so that you can find out what the actual reason is behind week connection.


  • Which type of connection – presently, you can get various kinds of internet services. but we know that you deserve the best form so that you can enjoy surfing rather than brooding over the pathetic speed. Always choose fiber optic wires as it can deliver outstanding performance and one can experience the thrill of actual speed. Moreover, if you have the scopes then get cable lines or connection for best know-how.


  • Modem – the modem present at your house is directly responsible for the quality of speed you are receiving. If you have a good quality device then you are bound to enjoy high speed. One can determine the quality of speed at the time of downloading as well as when watching online videos.

These are the few tips that will help you in enjoying the high-speed internet at home, office or any commercial area. If you are unable to do all this by yourself try seeking the help of a professional.

TV Repairing Service Center at Chandani Kolkata – Authorize

Don’t Google any more, you are at best TV repairing service provider at Chandani Chauk Kolkata. We offer affordable service for repairing computer, laptop, Printer, TV and other electronics device. Our all technician are expert and having experience to resolve issue in your TV, It may be LED or LCD of any brand.

We are an authorize hardware repairing services provider in Kolkata. We are running on same platform since 2005 and through our trusted service and support “Matrix Infosys” earn Name and Fame for this service. So for any issue in your TV, must call our expert.

Take One Step Back – SABDHAN !

There are mingle of hardware repairing service provider including TV repair at Chandani Kolkata and most of them are FAKE. They provide short time instant solution and you will relies it after 5 to 10 days and at that time you have no option. So be care and take one step back.  We offer trusted service with free 6 month support service.

tv repairing

Wi-Fi KRACK problem?

In India most of people use Wi-Fi networking for daily online activities at office or at home. Today wired networking technology become older due to high development in electronics media. Today is the day of smart phone, android phone and Laptop. So it is quite difficult to access this device through wired networking and due to that it is convenient to go fully wireless.

We all know wireless is cost effective and convenient, but it is not 100% secure like physical cabled connection because it’s a radio signal at its heart. So it is the best way to enable wireless security on regular basis. For it you can contact your local Internet provider and discuss on security access.

In current analysis the bad news here is that networking researchers uncovered a very critical flaw in the WPA2 standard that could compromise just about other locked network which is known as Key Re installation attack (KRACK). But good news is that it network security researcher conformed it is not a mall ware author.

So a system that uses Wi-Fi network to connect the Internet might be susceptible to KRACK, it’s only susceptible within range of the actual Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi at some places like bank would be high value targets so miscreant is also standing in network range.

Totally a little evidence have found attacked of actual KRACK on systems. So chance in future it will minimize and also we are looking for better solution but till date it’s not a widely exploited.

So if your Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly that mean a security issue is still knocked at your door. So question is that what to do to stay secure on-line in the shadow of KRACK?

What You Can Do To Protect It

When attackers land to at your network they track your encrypted traffic your, inject ransom ware code, hijack your credentials, and steal sensitive information which flow in your network like credit card numbers, passwords, emails, photos, and more. So safety of this issue is that you may run encryption with different sheet of layer. If you are in change of website this is just one more in a vast list of reassign.


Computer and Laptop Support Service in Kolkata

As a trusted brand in Kolkata for providing computer and Laptop  repair service since 2003. We collect a huge data base of our potential customer around Kolkata. So for managing this database we are offering computer and laptop support service fol trusted customer. So if you have trouble in your system and you are unable to resolve it then must call because We are fixed it for you only. They will guide better I wish.

We Wish Happy Support Service

We fixed a group of technical expert having more then 2 to 10 year experience on same platform for provide a happy support for all customers. If you are running a company, or working from home or a student and facing problem in you system then quick call Matrix Infosys. We are new in this sector but have strong database So we are totally depends upon you support.

Computer and Laptop Support

You are on work and suddenly your system going down, at that situation you become angry and you have no option to solve this, but from today you may call Matrix Infosys. Our online computer support service is free but our repairing servicing service is premium. We mange to repair computer, Laptop, Printer, TV and UPS. We offer all repairing service with  6 month free support and next we will charge a short price. This is optional….

Through A good or Bad Feedback

I know this is not a easy task to satisfied every customer but we try it to 99% and for it your feedback play a bing role for boosting our success rate. So not forget to pass a feedback, It is best for next to you and me also to serve you better.

Want to Sell Used Computer in Kolkata. Call Matrix Infosys at 9874660555

Now it’s easy to sale your computer in Kolkata. Matrix Infosys collect your your computer from your home which is unused for you and offer you a best price as per your desktop. We are oldest in Kolkata for repairing hardware and heard from more people that I want to sale my used computer, laptop, printer, TV and other hardware device but it quite difficult to sold out and get actual price of my hardware device.

So if you are facing same issue and bothered from It then Matrix Infosys is an best option for you.

Your used Computer is useful for Us

Your used computer may unused for you but not for us even your system is died. We buy your computer and reuse it’s part in repairing service. As we are the long runner in Hardware repairing service your used computer help us to save my time and also high profitable for us.

So We offer an easiest way to sale your computer, laptop, printer, TV and many more hardware device. Only you have to call or whatsaap us on listed mobile number. We collect your unused computer from you home and offer you a best price for it.

Is necessary to sale your Computer

Before sealing your used computer you need to ask a question from self, is necessary to sale my computer? . If your computer have few issue which will solve by repairing it then why you are looking for sale. As per my suggestion at this situation don’t go for sale, repair It from expert because sealing is not only the ultimate solution.

Suppose you are thinking to buy a new computer but it is not easer for all So for this situation computer repairing is an ultimate solution for those. So hire our technician for repair computer, laptop, printer, TV and other hardware device. Our service make you happy thought out.

It is quite easy to sale:

Finally you are planing to sale your system then it’s quite easy to sold out. Only you need to call or whatsaap or you may visit our business address. On search engine there are lots of result for buying or selling used computer but all they do for business and Matrix Infosys is do for service only.

10 points you must review before you avail computer repairing


We live in the “Digital Age”. Much of all our work currently is done on these devices which include Desktop computers, Laptop Computers, Tablets and Mobile devices. Thus under the current scenario in case any of these devices malfunction, then our entire work may come to a standstill.

This is why you need the most efficient repairing and maintenance services to enable you to do all your work. However with the growing demand for computer repairing services there a large number of computer repairing centers have mushroomed, However you need to be careful while getting your computer repaired. Let us examine the top 10 points which you must consider while selecting your computer repairing center:

1. Company Professionalism – 

The computer service center you approach for your computer repair must be professional. You need to assess the quality of the services being offered. Try to analyze their behavior. Are they attending you attentively while you approach them or do they have an unprofessional attitude in their dealings? So look for professional service providers.

2. Delivery time –

Given the extreme competitive scenario at present you need repairing centers that would be able to repair your device quickly and effective so that re-repairing is not needed..

3. Hardware Repairing Pricing –

Apart from professional, pricing is another key factor which you should always consider while understanding whether the shop is charging you the rightful charges or charging more.

4. The banner syndrome –

You need to check out the banners while visiting the repairing center. Many of them may be putting up banners and claiming that they are the authorized centers for repairing major brands. This always may not be true. Thus you need to find out the actual status of affairs. You need only genuine authorized repairing centers.

5. Authority:

You need to note that there is a major difference between authorized service center and having an authorized technician. In case  the service center has authorized technician then that service center is more authorized than the authorized shop to work on your device because companies like Dell and Lenovo would only authorize those repairing centers one has a decent looking shop and if you have at least one authorized technician, So check out for Authorized Technicians along with Authorized centers.

6. The standard of the Servicing Centers

For the best repairing for your computers you need not only the best technicians but also the technical facilities and technology and repairing tools must be of the highest standards as well. Given the advanced computers which are in use today you need the best technical facilities to deal with them effectively.

7. Repairing Parts

You would know that most repairing needs of the computers require replacements of parts. In such cases you must ensure that the replacements are made with genuine parts. This will ensure long term durability of the repairing made.

8. Transparency in billing

You might have bitter experiences in the past where in you might have been told a particular cost involved while you gave the computer for device. However you may end up paying much more while collecting it. There is lack of transparency in billing for most centers. You must choose the ones which offer transparent billing for repairing.

9. The customer support

At times there may be situations where in minor alterations here and there may resolve the problem. You may be able to do so yourself under guidance of the repairing centers. SO you must look out for servicing centers which offer this type of services at all times.

10. clients Feedback

One great way to determine the service standards of any computer repairing  center is by finding out from the existing clients about their experience. You can thereafter decide on selecting the right computer servicing based on their feedback.

In conclusion we hope that following the above 10 points you should be effectively select the right ciomuter repairing center. Matrix Services is one of the most trusted and reliable computer repairing centers in Kolkata where we provide the best computer repairing services in Kolkata. So in case tyou need any computer repairing in Kolkata get in touch with us!!